15 Exercises You Can Do Together


Ditch the chocolate and roses, take her to the gym instead! Dark chocolate may be packed with disease fighting antioxidants but these exercises will be sure to get those endorphins going. The best part about them is that you don’t have to do them alone. Here’s the list of the top 15 exercises that you need to be doing as a couple this Valentine’s Day…

  1. Partner Squats

This exercises gives couples an excuse to hold hands, making it perfect for the first date! Start by facing your partner. Make sure that you are within arm’s reach but no closer. Being too close will cause your knees to collide as you begin to squat (not such a smooth move). Grab hands, begin to hinge your hips, making sure to keep your weight on your heels. This exercise requires a little bit of trust because you are relying on each other to keep you from falling

Tip: Make sure to hold on tight! Go ahead men, show off that forearm strength


  1. Partner Row

This exercise will determine just how comfortable you are with your partner. The starting position requires one partner to stand over the other, straddling them. Grabbing hands (once again, oh la la), the partner lying on the ground should force their elbows back as they propel their trunk forward, then control their body back down. The partner who is standing needs to make sure they are in a good position to control themselves so that they do not get pulled forward.


  1. Wheelbarrow Push Up

This is one of the many variations that there is for couples to do push ups together. Start with one partner lying flat on their stomach with the other standing at their feet. The partner who is standing should grab the ankles of their partner and lift them off the ground. From this position, the partner on the ground should lower their chest down, working through their full range of motion, and then drive their body back up to the starting position. Again, it is important for the partner who is standing to be in a well established position so they don’t tip over.


  1. Partner Lunge with Pass

This exercise does require a medicine ball. If you don’t have one, get creative! Any sphere shaped object with a little bit of heft should do the trick. Bowling ball, anyone..? Facing each other, make sure you have about 5 feet between the two of you. The partner with the ball will lunge forward with one leg, propelling the ball to their partner. The partner waiting to receive the ball should be ready to catch the pass and repeat this process.

Tip: Guys, take it easy! Launching the ball to quickly at your partner may have you sleeping on the couch.


  1. Partner Leg Press

Taking trust fall to another level, this exercise may pose a risk if done incorrectly. One partner should lie down flat on their back with the other standing at their feet (back toward partner). Lifting their legs off the ground, the partner on the floor should place their feet on the mid to upper back of their counterpart. Making sure you are in complete control, lower your knees toward your chest and then press forward, returning to the starting position. The partner who is standing needs to stay as stiff as possible – keep that core engaged!


  1. Partner Leg Raises

To execute this core toning exercise, one partner should start by lying flat on their back. The other should stand just above the head of their partner. Next, the partner on the ground should grab the ankles of their counterpart, engage their core, and drive their feet straight up and back. This exercise can be done with or without a medicine ball. I recommend starting without the ball and then adding one as needed.

Tip: The partner who is standing can add an extra push to their partner’s feet as they head back down to the ground. This is another way to make this exercise more difficult


  1. Partner Squat (Variation 2)

Although we all would love to gaze off into our partners eyes all day, this exercise requires you to start back to back. There should be some room between the two of you, 2-3 feet is a good starting point. As with some of our other exercises, this one will force you to trust each other. Both of you should lean back until your upper backs are touching. Make sure to communicate with one another to make this as smooth as possible. Keeping your weight on your heels and chest up, begin to squat in sync (you may even be listening to *NSYNC at this time because who doesn’t love *NSYNC). This exercise can be done with or without a Swiss ball. Again, I recommend starting without one to get the proper technique down.


  1. Front Plank with High Five

To begin this plank variation, both partners should lie flat on their stomachs with the tops of their heads almost touching. Both partners should execute a push up and hold at the top, this is your starting position. Back to staring into each other’s eyes (you’re welcome). From this position, both partners should raise either their right of left hand off the floor to perform a high five. This is done by shifting your body weight to the opposite hand and keeping your core fully engaged.

Tip: Communicate which hand you will be starting with to prevent any embarrassing head on collisions


  1. Sit Up with Pass (Optional)

Both partners should start by sitting on the ground, facing one another. With knees bent and feet touching, lie back to get to your starting position. This exercise can be done with a medicine ball but, as always, I recommend going without one to start. By engaging your core, both partners should raise their trunks off the ground to execute a sit up. If you advance to using a medicine ball, it should be passed to your partner about mid-way through the sit up.

Tip: Again, take it easy gentleman. I guarantee any guy reading this (well, any guy for that matter) would hate to be in the doghouse on Valentine’s Day


  1. Partner Row (Variation 2)

This variation of the partner row calls for a more appropriate starting position, no straddling required! It might be a little more applicable for a first date (but then again, maybe you prefer being straddled). This exercise does require a band or a towel. Start out by facing each other with both partners gripping one side of the band or towel. Engage your core, lower your center of gravity so that you can control the movement, and take turns performing a row by driving your elbows back.

Tip: The partner who is not rowing should apply an appropriate amount of resistance


  1. Partner Side Lunge with Pass

This exercise is very similar to #4 except now you will be executing a side lunge. If you don’t have access to a medicine ball, use whatever sphere shaped object you used to execute #4. So, if any of you took me seriously and used a bowling ball, use a bowling ball again. With about 5 feet separating the two of you, both partners should perform a side lunge. Make sure to keep your chest up and core engaged. The ball should be pressed to your partner just as your lunging foot hits the ground.


  1. Russian Twist with Pass

Ladies, we have been doing a lot exercises that require a pass. These exercises are the perfect opportunities to show off how great your hands are, don’t mess it up (kidding… but maybe). If you have been using a bowling ball for these exercises that call for a medicine ball, stop. You’re going to hurt yourself.

Grab a medicine ball or whatever you have access to and sit side to side on the ground. The distance between the two of you will depend on how comfortable you feel with this exercise. Begin by bending your knees and raising your legs off the ground so that your gluteus maximus is the only thing touching the floor. The partner with the ball should rotate their truck away from their partner, tap the ball to the ground, rotate back and toss the ball to their partner who is ready and waiting to receive a pass. Both partners should keep their cores engaged the entire time to maintain good technique.

Tip: If this is your first time ever doing this exercise, start shoulder to shoulder and simply and the ball to your partner


  1. Push Up/Sit Up Combo

Forget heading to the movies and getting a popcorn and soda combo, try this one instead! Both partners should start on the ground, one on their back and the other on their stomach.  The partner on their stomach will be doing the push up. By placing their hands on the feet of their partner to anchor them down, the partner on their stomach should execute a push up while their partner does a sit up. The kiss at the end here is optional! If you wish you get that kiss you better be sure to be totally in sync so that your heads match up at the same time. Best thing about this combo? It’s completely FREE!


  1. Partner Single Leg Squat

This exercise is one of the more advanced exercises that we will cover, requiring both partners to perform a squat on just one leg! To execute this movement, stand about 5 feet from your partner with your backs facing each other. Place a bench, small table, or Swiss ball between the two of you (stable objects like a bench will be easier than an unable object like a Swiss ball). Begin by placing either your right or left foot on the object. Make sure your chest is up, back is flat, and heel remains planted to the floor as you squat down. Try to create a 90-degree angle with your leg before returning to the starting position.

Tip: Communicate which leg you plan to use so that both of you are using the same leg. This tip becomes even more helpful if you choose to use a Swiss ball


  1. Take a Jog

Jogging is not only something that you can do together, it is great for your heart! Plus, you can take Fluffy with if your headed outside to jog. Going for a jog is simple – get some comfortable workout clothes on, lace up your shoes, grab your partner by the hand and get moving! Even if your jog turns into a walk it is still highly beneficial. This also allows time to simply talk and hear about each other’s day.

Tip: Avoid plugging in the headphones. Use this talk to talk with each other

An article found on Psychology Today lists some of the benefits of couples exercising together. The top 5 benefits included increased happiness, improved efficiency of workouts, helps partner fall more in love with you, greater chance of meeting your fitness goals, and increases emotional bond. What things are more romantic than those? So, what are you waiting for? Grab the love of your life and give these 15 exercises a try!

P.S. Don’t forget to stretch when you are done exercising. Check out the related article below by a guest writer on Fit Bottomed Girls to get a list of stretches you can do together.

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