Shoulders – 5.5 Weeks Out [Full Workout]

I’m currently 5.5 weeks out from the NPC Fox Cities Showdown. This will be my second time stepping on stage. I took a a lot away from my first show and I’m excited to apply that to this show. I feel much more prepared and I will have a better idea about what I should be expecting when I arrive.

So, for the next few weeks I’m going to be uploading a video walking you through one of my workouts. I will switch it up each week. Keep in mind, this is how choose to train. This is what has worked for me. I encourage you to do what works for you. I do include some helpful tips throughout the video, hopefully you find them useful! 

Full Workout:

Smith Machine Press: 3 x 6-12

Smith Machine Behind-The-Neck Press: 2 x 8-12

Side Lateral Raises: 4 x 8-12


A. Upright Row: 4 x 8-12

B. Side Lateral Partials: 4 x As Many As Possible


A. Alternating Front Raises: 3 x 8-12

B. Front Plate Raises (no cheat): 3 x 8-12

Rear Delt Machine: 4 x 8-12 (camera died during one)

Front to Rear Shoulder Press 2 x 10-15

Side Lateral Raises: 1  x 15-20

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